Feeling Good

Positive Mental Training for building resilience and recovery from stress & depression


We created these audio tracks to help people feel better, to recover from stress and 

depression through developing positive feelings and resilience.


……the doctor recommended your excellent cd’s. I have tonight just finished the last one. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You probably have helped save my life.


Emotions have a purpose for us; they look after us and take care of us by telling us when to be careful and when to relax. When we feel bad we do not know exactly where our bad feeling is coming from, all we know is that we feel bad. There may be many possible sources for our bad feeling, we may think we know the source, however they may come from unpleasant memories we have blanked out, or memories we don’t remember, perhaps from a young age. We all have a simple set of tools in our minds to help us sort out problems, so that, for instance, in our sleep, we sort out our problems using our past experiences to help us. To do this we need access to positive memories, but when we feel bad our brain only allows us access to negative memories. Deep relaxation can help to give us a  positive mindset and to access positive memories, making it easier to sort out our problems and to feel better.


Watch this short video to get an understanding of how the programme can help your recovery

At last, after years of not sleeping, I can sleep soundly all night and wake up feeling refreshed!!!

These tracks were inspired by Lars Eric Unstahl who developed the programme of Integrated Mental Training in Sweden,  which he created to promote excellence in sports.   We are grateful to Lars-Eric for his continuing generous support for our work.

Its been a real eye-opener.  I can see things in a different way now, I know I’m not to blame anymore – thank you

I’ve tried lots of different things – CBT, yoga – this is different, I feel like I am myself now, who I’m meant to be..

We all have within us powerful personal resources which can be released through skills training.   Our emotions are inseparably linked to our body; if our body is tense then our mind senses threat and tells us to withdraw from connecting with others, so we lose the emotional support this can give us and can spiral downwards to low mood and depression. 

If we change the level of tension in our body using simple physical exercises, such as   tensing/relaxing our muscles and adjusting our breathing, we can create good feelings in our bodies which allows our minds to let go of self critical thoughts and helps us see events and memories in a more positive light.  This can help us solve problems and relieve tensions that may have previously appeared unsolvable.

With practice we can learn to rapidly relax into a positive body and mind state, in this state we can learn to recognise our positive abilities, helping us overcome obstacles and achieve our goals.